Lights in Every Street - Christian Fellowship in Your Street

Wider Fellowship   



6)      Fellowship with other churches and groups (John 17:20-21). Each street fellowship part of the larger family of God and should share with all other Christians within the city-wide and world-wide church of Christ. We need both the smaller community and the wider network of Godís people. Linking with other churches helps prevent instability and fosters doctrinal health and holy living. We all belong to Jesus and everyone who belongs to Jesus belongs to us. As the one body of Christ, seek to build up the whole church. All churches in one area or region (whether street or house churches, mega-churches, cell-churches, independent or denominational churches) can work together as a non-hierarchical network in which they are accountable to the Lord and to each other. This is the regional church acting together. Suggestions:

a)      Some street fellowships may begin with Christians who are already participating in larger churches. They should not cut links with these churches, but they can help other people in their churches take on the same aim of being lights in their street working with members of Godís family who live there Ė so that the world may believe through our unity in Christ (John 17:20,21).

b)      Coordinators of all groups and churches in an area can meet together regularly to pray and seek Godís will (Acts 13:1-3). They are accountable to each other before the Lord.

c)      Coordinators of new groups can be approved by and prayed for by two or three coordinators of other groups and churches (Acts 14:23; 15:28).

d)     With other groups you could organise united evangelistic missions and social projects such as working with young people in the area and perhaps Neighbourhood Watches to help reduce crime, etc.. (for examples of resources see

e)      Some individuals, as well as being part of one group, will have a ministry of visiting and encouraging other groups in apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, teaching and pastoring roles.

f)       Encourage mutual visiting between street fellowships and other groups and churches. "Cross pollinationĒ within the city-wide church is important.

g)      Participate in larger gatherings of Christians in the area for times of worship and celebration.


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