Lights in Every Street - Christian Fellowship in Your Street

Getting Started   



Beginning a Light in Your Street

This section is like the starter motor of a car. Suggestions:

1)      Pray that God will guide and help you to be a light in your street. In families, let both husband and wife be united in seeking God for the area. You are aiming both to share the Good News and also be Good News – sharing generously with your neighbours around you. Pray that God will guide you to any other Christians in your street. Ask other churches and groups for prayer (Acts 13:1-3). It is useful to have someone to give advice. You are welcome to contact the Missionary Training Service.

2)      Become acquainted. Get to know people on your street, inviting them round to your house, and visiting them in their own houses. (Mark 2:15-17)

3)      Find out who the Christians are and gather them together for prayer for your neighbours and each other (Hebrews 10:25). It is probably better to start with meeting once a week rather than meeting more infrequently. Otherwise momentum may be lost. However, at first, it is important to make the meetings short - not more than an hour, so that people want to come back and are not overwhelmed. As people get to know each other, meeting times can be extended to allow for more interaction. Teach them the vision to be a light in their street together.

4)      Reach out to your neighbours for Christ:

a)      Obtain an electoral roll list of your neighbours from the local council. You can view this at your local library.

b)      Help your neighbours in practical ways (Mark 12:31). Invite them to a “neighbours gathering”. Let them bring contributions of food and drink – so that they feel in control and not under any obligation to you.

c)      Find ways to help your neighbours to become Christians (Mark 16:15).

5)      Follow the ideas under the heading Group Leader. Then gradually follow more and more of the suggestions in the section Main Activities. You could give out copies of a section of the booklet each week, study it together, and decide how to put it into practice. You could also visit people individually and help them to put in practice the different parts of the activities in their own lives.


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