Lights in Every Street - Christian Fellowship in Your Street




Advantages of Working with Other Christians on Your Street

1)      The unity of Christians from different backgrounds and traditions praying and working together is a great witness.

2)      Everyone lives nearby and it is easy to work together to reach your neighbours.

3)      God’s Kingdom has a direct effect on your street.

4)      Denominational walls become non-existent.


Advantages of Small Groups Generally

1)      People usually find it easier to get to know each other and relate to others in smaller groups – there is a sense of being a family.

2)      People’s homes are usually welcoming, non-threatening places.

3)      Small groups provide an environment where individuals' needs can be met, and allow for more personal pastoral care.

4)      People can complement and help each other in their strengths and weaknesses.

5)      Everyone can participate.

6)      It is easier to train new leaders to lead a smaller group.

7)      They are more easily hidden from authorities in countries hostile to Christianity.

8)      They do not need to buy or rent any building or any expensive equipment.

9)      People learn study methods which help them when they read the Bible on their own.

10)  They can multiply more quickly than larger groups.


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